Monday, 18 May 2015

The Poor Bird

I thudded down the hall and I looked out the back yard door. 
“Oh my goodness Lulu!” When Lulu heard my the sound of my voice she dashed into the bush. There was a bird lying down in front of her. When I picked it up, it suddenly sprang to its feet. I saw its leg was broken and bleeding. I told mum to get a toothpick and some tape. When I was bandaging the poor birds leg, I looked in to it's eyes. I could see the sadness in it's eyes. When I finished bandaging the bird's leg I zipped to the basement and grabbed a cardboard box. I put a bowl of water and a bowl of crumbled bread into the box. I carefully pick up the injured bird and I softly it put the bird into the box and wrapped the bird in a little piece of silk. 
When it was the evening, after the bird had had a rest, I softly picked up the bird and took it to the living room, where I sat down on the green soft couch and softly patted the bird's head. When it was 7:00pm, it was my bed time. When I was getting ready for bed I put the bird back into the box. 
The next day at school, I was thinking about the bird, if it would die or survive. When I got home I raced into the door. When I looked into the box, the bird wasn't there. When I was starting to panic mum told me that the bird had died. 
I made a little headstone, dug up a little hole in the ground, softly laid the bird's body in the hole and put the headstone on top of the dirt. To this day I can still remember that poor little bird.


  1. So moving! It reminds me of when my pet bird died, and the many birds my cat has taken the lives of. I love the language that you use like: I softly laid the birds body in the hole. It is Good to see all types of writing on your blog, please do some more stories for all topics.

  2. This is a really great story Sophie. I love the why you started in the action with I thudded down the hall. I also liked the way you ended it as well. Keep up the good work.