Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My brother being a computer hog!!

My brother was on the computer for what seemed like forEVER!! But really it was only about 15 minutes. 
“Can I PLEASE go on the computer” I whimpered with my BIG puppy eyes. 
“No pee off!!” My brother snapped.
“It's not finished” he grumbled. He was updating his game. I knew that I wouldn't be able to have a turn but I kept on trying.
“Well then I'll tell Nana”  I groaned.
“Whatever, you’re just a shrimp” he shouted.
“MUM”!! I cried.
But I knew that she wouldn't come. Mum never believes me because she's on his side and it's only because he's older.
“AUGH” I shouted.
“Haha SHRIMP” he bellowed.
“What you say is what you are, can't repeat it hahaha” I said cheekily.
I kept on trying and trying. After 15 minutes of trying I finally got a turn.
“There shrimp” he snapped.
“Thanks shrimp the second” I said cheekily.
When I got up on the computer I still felt that I had some cheekiness deep and dark inside me. But I was proud that I had finally gotten my own way over my pesky brother.

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