Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My speech 2016

This term I did my speech  about how kids should not be able to watch horror movies. I was learning about the punctuation and the structure of my speech. I think i did good because I used many language devices. For example: rhetorical question when i said “Have you ever watched a horror movie?”and I used  power of three R13 R16 R18 and vivid verbs and more. My speech is well organized showing connections and flow between all important parts of speech structure and many ideas connect to my point of view.   I think I did well presenting my speech because after  I did my speech I felt proud. 

Here's my speech. You can listen or read it.

Have you ever watch a horror movie? Did you freak out? Or have you experienced a four year old staying up all night thinking there’s a monster under their bed? Or you’re having a sleepover and you think you friend is possessed just because she or he is sleep talking. Well horror movie has a rating on them. R13 R16 R18. the bad thing is that some kids parents let their kids watch these movies. I don't think kids should be able to watch adults movies especially horror movies. Well yeah, some kids can watch horror movies without having any sort of fear. But letting a four year old watch them that’s not very good.
Picture this. You’re in the dark lounge. When the gloomy movie ends you’re shaking, your face is paill. You're freaking out. Your mum tells you that's way past your bedtime(typically parents) your mum kisses you goodnight and tells you to have good dreams. Good dreams how am i going to have good dreams? You think to yourself. You're trying to stay awake but your just so tired from staying up. Eventually you doze off to sleep. You slowly open you eyes to find your surrounded by creepy clowns, bony skeletons and rotting zombies. Then when you're about to get hurt you wake up. But your thinking the monsters are in your room. Or you are sitting down with a friend watching a horror movie. You're watching very closely. In the movie there's a girl walking through the forest where the mist floats through the branches of big oak trees. The girl hears anonymous music playing and can hear the decaying leaves crackling underneath her feet. Suddenly boo you got jump scared. Or another time you were sitting down watch a horror movie. Suddenly smack and bloody hand hits the window. Or maybe you could see someone getting murdered and blood splatters everywhere. To stop this kids need to think if they really want nightmares and not be able to get to sleep. Or maybe when you put on the movie there should be a message for kids to be careful watching horror movies. Or maybe the movie makers should be more strict about these movies. Some movies are R13 but the can still be very scary. The movie makers have made a good effort for kids not to watch horror movie but they need to make it more clear. I think this is a good lesson because if adults let the kids watch these movies then it could change a child's perspective on the world. I think  kids should not be able to watch horror movies because they are R13 R16 and R18. next time when you're about to watch a horror movie think about all the jumpscares, all the 
gruesome gore and all the nightmares that will keep you up at night. And stop. 

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