Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hunger Games

My heart is pounding like it's
about to burst out of my chest.
I’m not ready for this I don't
even have a steady aim.
But it's only a game. In ten seconds
you have to find a place to hide.
I know where i'm going to hide.
My friend Carys begins to countdown from 5.
Carys, Gabby, Naima, Lily-Grace
and I reach for the smooth, stinky rubbish bin.
Gabbys lazer eyes bear into mine.
It puts me off.
“5… 4…” I'm not ready
and my legs are sore from
yesterday when I did yoga with the class.
“3… 2…” NO WAIT! “… 1”
The games have begun.
I pull my hand away from the blue the rubbish bin
and sprint as fast as I can across the field.
But I caught a glimpse of Carys running beside me.
I spot a big Fir tree.
Should I climb it? I decide to scramble up the tree.
The rough bark rubs against my hand.
Someone is trying to climb the tree with me.
I look down. There Carys is 3
branches down from me. I quickly grab a
pine-cone from my pocket ready to fire. But then she asks

I slowly nod my head. Well at least she will be a
human shield if someone tries to get us out.
We climb up the tree together.
When we find are comfy spot up the tree we crouch
down to keep hidden. After 10 minutes my
legs get saw and I can see Carys keeping the pain to herself.
After another 10 minutes two other
people walk under us.
Caitlyn and Emily.
We stay hushed. I think to myself.
We’ve never be so hushed before.
Carys sees me pull of a pine-cone from my pocket.
She shakes her head saying no.
Carys must be thinking that
Naima, Gabby and Lily-Grace are in an alliance together.
Someone spots us.
It’s Gabby. She points up at us.
Then comes running at us with handfuls with pine-cone.
Carys and I start climbing higher.
Gabby arrives at the bottom of the tree.
From up here she looks like a ant.
She starts to fire pine-cones up the tree.
But all of them miss us.
I quickly pull a pine-cone out of my pocket
and drop on Gabby head like a raindrop on a rainy day.
“You’re out!” I scream to her.
She pouts her lips,
slouches her body and walks off to the classroom.
We were the last ones to survive.
The bell rings.
That’s the end of one game.
I’m so relieved that's it’s over.
Carys and I walk across the field with our heads held high.

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